Bay Bridge

Timelapse Settings Guide

Ever wonder what setting to use to capture a particular timelapse? Here are a few of the settings I have used in the …

Rule of Thirds applied to the Brooklyn Bridge

Breaking Rules

We learn about all these rules in photo and video production, which are great advise especially for beginners, but must we follow …

Instead of exposing for the buildings, I lower the exposure for the sun to capture a silhouette of the skyline.
Hong Kong skyline on a foggy day.
Union Station on a rainy day.

Shooting in any Weather

As a professional news shooter, I am often sent to locations where I am in one day and out to next so …

Nothing sadder than watching cars pass by while hitchhiking.

WWOOFing in Hawaii

I spent two weeks volunteering to paint a mural at an organic farm in Hawaiian Acres. The experience was quite a drastic …

The final mural.

Chase the Piggy

  I volunteered to paint a mural on a 10,000 gallon water catchment tank at Eco Hostel Hawaii, an organic farm located …