Instead of exposing for the buildings, I lower the exposure for the sun to capture a silhouette of the skyline.
Hong Kong skyline on a foggy day.
Union Station on a rainy day.

Shooting in any Weather

As a professional news shooter, I am often sent to locations where I am in one day and out to next so …

Nothing sadder than watching cars pass by while hitchhiking.

WWOOFing in Hawaii

I spent two weeks volunteering to paint a mural at an organic farm in Hawaiian Acres. The experience was quite a drastic …

The final mural.

Chase the Piggy

  I volunteered to paint a mural on a 10,000 gallon water catchment tank at Eco Hostel Hawaii, an organic farm located …

The famous Chicago Theatre shot from the train platform.
Clouds rolling towards or away from you looks more majestic than moving side to side.
Baltimore's Inner Harbor clears a view of the city's skyline.

Scouting a Photo Location

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, everyone like a few good shots of the places they have been to remember …


Graffiti Artist Sketches

Some concept art of a male and female graffiti artist, and the progression of sketches. They are available as phone cases. His …