“Fuglee,” shouted Min Lee, while brainstorming a name for a design upstart that was being formed amongst his friends.

It was subsequently rejected in fear of the negative connotation associated with fuglee designs. However, Min embraced the term without any concern. He adopted the name for his studio where he creates art in all forms, be it ugly or not.

Fuglee Studio has created various projects including films for the 48 Hour Film Project, corporate videos for Goodwill Industries along with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, and public service announcements for bone marrow drives.

Fuglee.com serves as a portal into the studio for all to see these projects along with Min’s other creations.

Min is only pretending to work. This is purely a publicity photo.
Min in his studio.


About Min

Bio-5DII24-105 Award winning illustrator, accomplished filmmaker, and drifting shutterbug; Min Lee is multifaceted visual artist.

As a teen, his illustrations made its way into multiple publications. Min later pursued a Bachelor of Architecture from U.C. Berkeley while juggling a career in broadcast television as an Executive Producer at 21 years old. He successfully managed YOTV, a news magazine turned television program on the Warner Brothers Network.

Min then shifted his focus to assist disadvantage youth in multimedia production and created videos advocating social change. You can currently find Min tinkering in his Fuglee Studio or wandering the world shooting for his ever expanding collection of stock footage and print-on-demand art.


Min’s Résumés


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Contact Min

min_lee-businesscardmin@fuglee.com • 323-6fuglee (323-638-4533)