A Better Stud

Here’s a quick tip to have a stud that is four times as functional as the standard stud.


The standard 036-38 (left) and the 037 (right-top) combined with the 066 (right-bottom).


The Manfrotto 036-38 typically recommended for the Superclamp have only one 1/4″-20 male threads on one end. The 037 have 1/4″-20 on male threads one end and 3/8″-16 on the other. Complemented with the 066 which provides¬†1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 female threads, you will have a stud equal in size but quadruple the functionality. I also keep an optional rubber washer in between the two studs to prevent it from over-tightening so I can still separate it without tools.¬†Albeit, this combo cost a little more but it is worth it considering all the possibilities this opens up.

The detached studs and rubber washer.

The detached studs and rubber washer.

The combo stud sitting on the Manfrotto Superclamp.

The combo stud on the Super Clamp.


Also, if you have a stud in your Super Clamp and the wedge piece docked on the tightening screw, you might notice you cannot lock it down tight. Adding a rubber washer here solves that problem too.

A close up showing the rubber washer in use.

A close up showing the rubber washer in use.


Hope this is useful. If you have any tips you’d like to share please send them to min@fuglee.com.

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