About min

Min is the founder of Fuglee, a studio creating art and photography. The latest work coming out of Fuglee can be seen here. Min also writes about the techniques and tools behind his work.

How I Got the Bragi Dash to Work for Me

I was hesitant to back the Bragi Dash on Kickstarter due to the high cost and risk in such a daring project. However, I could not resist when the price for refurbed dropped to 1/3 of retail and continual firmware updates made it more stable (reviewed with OS 3.0.1). While it is not perfect, I managed to find some workarounds to make it usable for me. Bragi Dash Contents The […]

Travel Buddy

How to Not Piss Off the People You Travel With After listening to someone complaining about their travel buddy, I decided that instead of a story on another location, I write about how to be an agreeable travel buddy. Or perhaps I just want to rant about annoyance I have experienced traveling with people. 1. Know Yourself Are you an early riser or a night owl? Do you seek adventure […]

Hercules! Hercules! The Little Big Dolly

I have tried several motion control (MoCo) devices: Ikea kitchen timer, Spinpod, and Panoramic Rotator. Unfortunately, these previous devices are all limited to basic rotation. That is why I decided to back the Kickstarter for Rollocam Hercules. The Rollocam Hercules and all its contents. The Hercules consists of two primary parts: the mechanical tube and the wheels. Many more accessories are available. I got the rotatable model and optional larger […]

Mobile MoCo Part III: Panoramic Rotator

My first two attempts in motion control rigs were the Ikea kitchen timer and the Spinpod. While they can do the job, they are more of a toy. For those needing a more professional tool, the Monoprice Panoramic Rotator fills that role while maintaining a relatively small footprint. Monoprice Panoramic Rotator, charger, and hard case. The good: Intuitive Interface. Reliable professional tool. The bad: Hefty device and power suppy. Short […]

Fails in El Salvador

Sometimes traveling doesn’t go as plan. Pretty much all of my plans in Juayua, Concepción de Ataco, and Los Cobanos fell through. Here’s how everything went wrong for me in El Salvador and what I did instead.  Interior of the Iglesia del Cristo Negro in Juayua Juayua My journey to Juayua was lengthy. I had wrapped up a four day scuba certification on Utila, Honduras on Friday and tried […]

Quest for Perfect Travel Tripod

If you’re like me, you will go through a series of tripods before finding the ones that work for you. This is the journey I took over about ten years as a traveling videographer. The Progression I started off with the inexpensive plastic variety. The kind you can pull off the shelf at Target or Walmart. They typically have twisty pan handles that control tilt. They work fine if you are […]

Mobile MoCo Part II: Spinpod

As a traveling videographer, compact motion control (MoCo) rigs are crucial in my business. This is the second of my motion control rig. My first entry in the MoCo rig is the Ikea Kitchen Timer. My second foray into the MoCo arena is the Spinpod. The Spinpod with all its contents. The good: Slim and compact. The bad: Cannot support much weight. Non-intuitive controls. The fuglee: Cracks forming all over […]

Fat Choy

A new comic for the Lunar New Year. Bonus points for finding the breakfast pastries. Min Lee Lunar New Year Comic Digital 3300 x 2550 dpi