The latest projects Fuglee Studio. Here you will find illustrations, video projects, and travel photography.

Travel Buddy

How to Not Piss Off the People You Travel With After listening to someone complaining about their travel buddy, I decided that instead of a story on another location, I write about how to be an agreeable travel buddy. Or perhaps I just want to rant about annoyance I have experienced traveling with people. 1. Know Yourself Are you an early riser or a night owl? Do you seek adventure […]

Fails in El Salvador

Sometimes traveling doesn’t go as plan. Pretty much all of my plans in Juayua, Concepción de Ataco, and Los Cobanos fell through. Here’s how everything went wrong for me in El Salvador and what I did instead.  Interior of the Iglesia del Cristo Negro in Juayua Juayua My journey to Juayua was lengthy. I had wrapped up a four day scuba certification on Utila, Honduras on Friday and tried […]

Fat Choy

A new comic for the Lunar New Year. Bonus points for finding the breakfast pastries. Min Lee Lunar New Year Comic Digital 3300 x 2550 dpi

Living in Livingston

My first time there I spent about four days helping school children paint murals. My second visit where I spent over a week leading photography workshops. Altogether I spent about two weeks in Livingston. It was not a long time but seeing other guests shuffle in and out of the hostels after one or two nights made me feel like a resident in this humble abode. My extended stay may offer […]

2017 Comic

The differences seven years make. Thought I make a little game out of it. Enjoy! Min Lee Domesticated Digital 3300 x 1856 dpi

Bussin’ it in Central America

When I write about travel, rarely do I write about the actual mode of transportation but traveling by chicken bus through Central America is a crucial and unavoidable part of the experience. Chicken Bus? ♫ “Juayua-Juayua-Juayua!” “Chiqui-Chiqui-Chiquimula!” ♪ I  would hear the conductors yelling destinations in a singsongy way as they try to round up riders to fill their chicken bus, a typically old yellow school buses that has been redecorated with a ridiculous amount […]

Rokinon Fisheye – Fixing a Stiff Focus Ring

My beloved Rokinon 7.5mm Fisheye had quickly rose through the rank to become my most used, if not overused, lens. Despite being well cared for, developed a stiff focus ring over time. Upon doing some research, it seems many Rokinon/Samyang fisheye users suffered from the same issue. I took apart my lens today and it turned out to be an easy fix. Tools Tools I used were a set of computer […]