Cats & Cameras in Taipei & Tai O

Cats & Cameras in Taipei & Tai O from FugLee.

Jiufen is a mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City. Ocarina maker plays music and paints ocarinas right there in the shop. Eateries serve up local delicacies such as seasnails. Sleeping cats snub passers-by who stop to take their picture.

Tai O is a fishing town within Hong Kong. Natives sell all kinds of dried seafood while tourist venture in photo expeditions of the firestation, school, and temple. They find intrigue in photographing themselves in front of the firetruck entrance and experimenting with malfunctioning polaroid on a very patient cat.

Shot in Winter of 2012 with the Canon EOS M and 22mm f/2

The footage you see here and more are available for purchase at pond5, shutterstock, and fotolia.

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