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Fuglee specializing in principle photography and post production in collaboration with talented writers, editors, and crew, produced award-winning and official selection films in multiple film festivals.

Film Reel from Fuglee.

Fuglee has worked with businesses, NGOs, and government agencies to produce corporate identity and marketing campaign videos. Fuglee also work with individuals on event videos such as weddings.

Marketing Reel from Fuglee.

Fuglee spent over a decade in the news industry covering major events throughout the country. With extensive experience interviewing celebrities and dignitaries, Fuglee can be trusted to reliably capture those elusive stories.

News Reel from Fuglee.

Day rate for all film and video services are $500/day. Days typically consist of up to an eight hour shift. $100 deposit is required for all booking. There will be no charge for cancellation with 24 notice prior to work date(s), otherwise deposit will be forfeited. Remaining balance is due within 14 days of completion of the project, otherwise will be subjected to a 1.5% late fee. Acceptable forms of payment are checks, credit card, paypal, and direct deposit. Rates may vary depending on the nature of the project, please inquire for a free estimate.

Fuglee is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. There will be no charge on projects within 60 miles of San Francisco. Projects on location will be billed by mileage for project and/or expenses such as airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and per diem.

Standard equipment available are HD camera, tripod, 3 point LED light kit, shotgun microphone, lavalier microphone, audio recorder, and accessories such as batteries and memory cards. Dollies, timelapse motion control, and other specialty equipment can be arranged if necessary. Equipment to be used on set will depend on the needs of the shoot and the equipment is constantly changing to remain up to date with current technology. List of current equipment can be provided upon request.

Consultation is always complementary. Contact

Updated: Sept. 2016