Rihanna Portrait
Rihanna Portrait for Youth Outlook Magaziine.

Depression story for Youth Outlook Magazine.

Concept Art: Assassin Character for 'The Agency'
Assassin Character for Animosity Games.

Helicopter over City Environment for Animosity Games. Helicopter over City Environment for Animosity Games.

Nighthawks in Frisco
Nighthawks in San Francisco cover art for Youth Outlook Magazine.

Paper Doll (Sci-Fi novel) character designs. Character designs for Paper Dolls (Sci-Fi Novel).

Establishing scene for Trampstamp (Graphic Novel).

Rendezvous Point Rendezvous Point scene for Trampstamp (Graphic Novel).

nudes Nude Figure Drawings

Painting Videos

A mural on in the rainforest of Hawaiian Acres.

A portrait of a mother and her granddaughter.


Services and Rates

Fuglee utilizes visual arts to assist in the storytelling process from concept development to storyboards to production art. Illustrations from Fuglee Studio has been used in magazines, newspapers, and gaming. While best known for our dark comical style, we are very adept in emulating many styles and will work with you to create imagery that meets your needs. We are proficient in the use graphite, ink, or gouache. Today, most of our work is done entirely on digital media for the intermediate process and final deliverable.

Rate and Process
A typically single illustration will be billed a rate of $500. Rates may vary depending on the nature of the project, please inquire for a free estimate. The illustration process will consist of three stages:

1. Mock up – A written brief will be provided by the client or in collaboration with us to outline the needs of the illustration. Several rough concepts will be created to reflected the brief.
2. Development – Once the client has choosen a concept, this will be developed into a full rendering.
3. Refinement – The client will have an opportunity to review the developed art and request minor refinements if necessary.

Sample of rough mock up for character designs..

Should the client need any more revision or choose to develop more than one concept, a $100 fee will be charged at each iteration. Full balance is due within 14 days upon completion of the project, otherwise will be subjected to a 1.5% late fee. Acceptable forms of payment are checks, credit card, paypal, and direct deposit.

spy2 Concept Art: Assassin Character for 'The Agency' mastermind2
Fully developed renderings.