Last Minute Mother’s Day

Great thing about being an artist is when you don’t have any money or ideas for a present, you can always sketch something. After failing to find a tangible gift for my mother, I put this together. 

Mother and Granddaughter.

Mother and Granddaughter.

Another great thing about painting is I get to create something different than what was captured in photos. I took a photo of my mother holding her granddaughter, Hailey, but use Hailey’s signature cheesy face from another photo.


The two photos used as reference.

The whole process took approximately 3 hour and 15 minute process. I took a screen capture video of the painting and  sped it up to 1:30 seconds here: 

I am available for hire as an illustrator. Feel free to contact me min (at) or comment below to let me know what you think.

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