Lightening the Load with Titanium

One thing I keep in my outdoors/emergency bag is a little bit of cookware. Since I do not intend to make anything complex, I try to keep it as light and simple as possible. Here I have the Keith Titanium folding sport and 650ml cup.

Ti Cup Silhouette

Folding Spork

Ti Spork WeightThe Keith Titanium folding spork comes in a pack of two with drawstring storage pouches. Each spork and pouch weights 0.8 oz together and measures approximately 88mm folded, 150mm unfolded. It holds about the same capacity as a typical teaspoon.

To open it, gently squeeze and flip the wire handle open until it snaps into place. There is a metal tab on the wire that slides down to lock it in place. It locks securely and has never failed on me.

Ti Spork and Pouch Spork ShapeTi Spork Unfolded
eft: spork and pouch, Center: close up, Right: unfolded.

The spork worked well for spooning liquids and poking solids. It is a little trickier with things like noodles compare to a traditional forks but still manageable. I grew quite fond of the spork. I can see not just using it for outdoors, but also useful to leave one in the car or lunch container. The titanium is not only lightweight, it is also easy to wash and more hygienic than polycarbonate sporks. After several uses, it still looks brand new and I can see myself using this for a long time.

Titanium Cup

Ti Cup WeightThe Keith Titanium 650ml single wall cup is an incredible lightweight cup aimed for those into ultralight gear. The cup and lid together weights a mere 3.5 oz altogether. The size is just right for a making instant noodles or freeze dried food with a little room to spare. Inside wall measures 95mm across and has room for a small stove and, of course, the almighty spork. A 32 oz Nalgene bottle will also nest inside.

The lid has a wire top handle which lies flat when not in used. The lid is completely solid without any vent holes which is what I preferred because I can always tilt the lid to let it vent but there’s not much you can do about unwanted vent holes. The lid simply rest on top of the cup, there is no friction or anything locking it in place which is fine in use but can come loose when stored in your bag. I wish they included some kind of pouch like with their spork.

Ti Cup and Lid Ti Cup NalgeneTi Cup Inside
eft: side view, Right: top view.

The cup itself has fold out handles. There is a good amount of friction on the handles and the attachment points does pierce the cup. That is the biggest issue I seen with other cups that have loose handles attached by rivets through the wall. This cup is completely smooth throughout the inside. There are no measurement marks or pour spout but those are superfluous amenities I can live without. Overall, people after simple ultralight cookset, the Keith Titanium cup and spork is worth a look.

Ti Cup Mountains

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