Megafeis E350

After trying the XXY H20 Headphones and found out it wasn’t quite loud enough for audio books. I continued my search, next up…

Megafeis E350

I bought these waterproof headphones for listening to language learning audio books while lap swimming in the pool. They are also useful for anyone wanting to exercise without the bulk of their phone thanks to the option of both Bluetooth and on-board MP3 player.

Megafeis E350 and the package contents.

The good:

  • Submersible and audible.
  • Bluetooth and built in MP3 player.
  • Price and value
  • Verbal feedback and dedicated Bluetooth/MP3 button.

The bad:

  • Wish they offer loose hanging cable instead.
  • Could use better earbud tips.

The fuglee:

  • Low battery warning every 30 seconds. So annoying!


Package includes earbuds, elastic band, MicroUSB charging cable, instructions, and two different size earbuds tips in addition to the pair already attached to the earbuds. Included earbuds tips are okay but it would benefit from the flange or tree-shaped tips for better fit and sound. Packaging is an unpretentious cardboard box and single sheet of printed instruction, it ain’t fancy but sufficient.

Design and Fit

The earbuds have a flexible cord designed to loop around the ears. It juts up too high and kind of just hangs over my ears as opposed to wrap around it. The included elastic band could tighten the width but still too high to rest over my ears. My head is fairly small and may fit better on others. This did not matter though because the earbuds fit snuggly in my ears. It did not fall out while swimming or when I shook my hair dry like a dog after I got out of the pool. The earbuds also floats in the water should it come loose while swimming. Since the flexible cable does not quite wrap around my ears, I wish Megafeis would also make a model with a loose hanging cables instead.


I tested swimming about 25 laps in 30 minutes using the butterfly stroke, backstroke, and freestyle. It is an absolute pleasure using it for the backstroke since my ears are submerged the whole time and the earbuds doubles as earplugs. Freestyle works well also although sound changes a bit as your ear comes in and out of the water. The butterfly stroke is the most challenging for the earbuds as you constantly go in and out of the water. It is still very usable, especially considering that I am listening to foreign audio books which is quieter than music. I did test it with music too and it is just loud enough. Music does come through a little louder. Keep in mind that sounds travel through air so pushing it all the way in does not provide better sound. This is why they can benefit from deeper flange earbud tips with more space for sound to move through.


It floats my boat.


Since bluetooth cannot travel though water, having the built in mp3 was absolutely critical for for swimmers or anyone wanting to exercise without carrying their phones, which has gotten too big over to carry comfortably in my armband. Transferring music was straight forward plug and play. There is already an audio and record folder. It will play from the audio folder, not sure what the record folder is for.

I did test the bluetooth connection as well and it connect easily and had decent range. It automatically connects to the last devices when in bluetooth mode.

I also like that there are verbal feedbacks and four buttons. Verbal feedback tells you “card music”, “power off” or other functions so you do not have to decipher through a bunch of confusing beeps and tones. The four buttons means that in addition to the usual power/play/pause, vol +/previous, and vol -/next, there is a dedicated forth button for switching between Bluetooth and Internal MP3 player. These seem like minor features but are incredibly useful and shows thoughtful user interaction. Battery took less than two hours for a full charge and lasted about seven hours until I got the low battery warning which annoyingly beeps about every 30 seconds.

AtĀ half the price of the Sony Bluetooth/MP3 walkman and one-sixth the price of the Bragi Dash, it is a great value. With the technology moving toward truly wireless earbuds, I am gonna be on a look out for those but for now, this will have to do.

This is one out of a four part series on waterproof headphones. I also tested the XXY H2O, Tayogo Amp, and Tayogo WB02.

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