Mobile Power Solution: Maha Battery Charger Power Bank

I used always keep an universal battery charger with me. It would charge AA/AAA batteries, camera batteries, and most importantly, mobile phone batteries. However the trends with phones now are internal batteries thus causing me to re-evaluate my mobile power solution. This is where the Maha MH-C204U comes in.

Maha contentContents included with the package.

Contents and Design

The package I got includes four 2600 mAh AA battery,  battery case,  AC adapter,  USB cable, and the charger itself. The front of the charger has a sliding cover for the batteries and two red and green led indicating battery charging status. The side of the charger has a full size USB port, a microUSB port, a sliding on/off switch, and one red led power indicator.

How It Works

Maha portsThe charger is able to change between AA and AAA battery by simply flipping the charging receptacles. The unique features is that not only can it charge AA/AAA batteries, it can use those batteries to charge your phone like a typical power bank. This is a huge deal because  you won’t be stuck with a paper weight when the battery eventually stops holding a charge.  You can simply replace the AA batteries inside.  It can also be useful for those times when you don’t have access to an power outlet because you can pick up AA batteries from just about any store and use it to charge your phone.

How It Performs

However, there are a few caveats. First,  it is not the slimmest power bank out there considering it has to hold four AA batteries. Moreover, although 4x 2600mAh should be more than enough to charge any phone, you should not expect that amount of juice.  The reason is that as soon as any one battery falls below a certain threshold, the charger will stop charging altogether. That is why it is really important to use the same set of batteries so they have similar capacities. I can charge my 2900mAh phone about halfway before the charger quits.

Maha batteries
The four included 2600 mAh low self discharge batteries.


While the charger is not perfect, it does what it advertises. Users need to be aware that first and foremost, this device is still a AA/AAA battery charger. Using it as a power bank is really a bonus function used in a pinch. For those that need both functions and value versatility over capacity, this is a one of a kind device.

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