Resilient Pig

The final mural.
The finished mural.

A rough sketch of the mural.
A original sketch for the mural.

I volunteered to paint a mural on a 10,000 gallon water catchment tank at Eco Hostel Hawaii, an organic farm located on the eastern side of the Big Island close to waterfalls and rainforests. The mural features an owl, a tiger, and a pig. I painted the owl because it is a legendary creature of Hawaii. The Tiger because every guest at the hostel is asked who would they fight off if they have to choose between a shark or a tiger? But the star of the mural is the one ear pig…

Chase the Piggy from fuglee on Vimeo.
Two weeks of painting a mural condensed down to two minutes.

Little piggy on a little planet.
Little piggy on a little planet.

The little pig, Miss Kosher, found her way onto the farm where the people made her a makeshift pigpen. In the middle of the night, I heard the most heartwrenching squeal. Apparently a dog got in her pigpen and bit off a piece of her ear in her sleep. She remains resilient and eats anything you throw at her. This pig became the inspiration for the mural.

The  real Miss Kosher eating papaya.

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