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Whether traveling on a local day trip or going out of the country for an extended period, there are always little things that make traveling easier. Here’s a list of a few things I’ve picked up on.


If conditions are unpredictable, pack in layers. Leave home the big jacket and instead bring a long sleeve, a hoodie, and a light raincoat. It’d provide just as much warmth but with more flexibility.

With luggage, get similar size rolling cases that you can hook together with a luggage strap. Then set smaller items on top so you can single-handedly carry more load.


One practical use of Sky Mall.

One practical use of Sky Mall.

Wear a pair of pants that fit without a belt, shoes that slip on and off easily, and if possible, opt for bringing a tablet or laptop 11″ or less because they don’t need to be taken out when going through security. Smile more, airport personnel will be nicer to you.

Once on the plane, there’s a trick to prevent the person sitting it front of you from leaning back and taking what little space you have. You need to jam the space between the tray table against the latch. There’s a product on the market for this but many times, rolling up a skymall with a rubberband will do the trick.


If your mobile phone supports USB On-The-Go (OTG), you can back up your files to your phone instead of a laptop. You just need to attach a card reader to your phone using an OTG cable.


Probably a fire hazard.

Probably a fire hazard.

Converts 1 outlet to 3.

Converts 1 outlet to 3.

A little power adapter like this is a lifesaver when it comes to charging all your devices at once or if there’s a shortage of outlets at the airport or the cafe.

Also, try to consolidate your various cables by using adapters or multi purpose cables to help reduce clutter. However, avoid retractable cables as they don’t last very long.


Knowing what you want in a hotel and rental car makes choosing these things faster and easier. Aside from the obvious location and cost, here’s a list of amenities I look for in hotels and rental car:

Hotel Ammenities
• Free Hi Speed Wifi
• Free Parking or Airport Shuttle
• Safe Deposit Box
• Restaurant/Bar with Complimentary Breakfast

Rental Car
• Free shuttle or pick up
• Reasonable surcharge for returning in a different location
• USB & Aux input
• Light color (statistically safer and cooler in hot weather)
• Lockable glove compartment/trunk


Here’s an excerpt from the Out and About section of my article on Securing Your Shit:

Top cable lock attaches case to the car. Left TSA lock secures the case. Right cable lock securing on location.

Top cable lock attaches case to the car.
Left TSA lock secures the case.
Right cable lock securing on location.

Junk in your Trunk – Keep valuable out of sight in the trunk, in addition, do not wait until you arrive at your destination to put it there as there may be opportunists watching. Some vehicles have mechanism for securing the trunk such as turning the key in the opposite direction to lock the trunk or disabling the trunk release inside the cabin so if someone smashes the window, they can’t easily pop the trunk.

Hard Case – I travel with my valuables in a impenetrable pelican case. They are not cheap but don’t fret on buying used as most hard cases carry a lifetime warranty so you can send back to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. My case has two padlock holes which I use with a TSA approved lock and a cable lock. The TSA lock will keep it from opening and the cable lock will allow me to chain it on location. When it is in my trunk, I keep a thicker cable lock chained to the handle.

For more on security, you can read the rest of the article on Securing Your Shit.

Hope this was helpful in helping you travel conveniently and efficiently. If you have any suggestions to add to my list, please email them to Thank you!

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